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About Caspian

Caspian Company is one of the most dynamic units of the private sector, which started its activity in 1355. The goal of the company is to achieve industrial self-sufficiency, meet the needs of the country and take an effective step towards the quantitative and qualitative growth of domestic production, the possibility of being present in foreign markets, competing with similar foreign products, and also providing services to Iranian industries and using new technology.

The  products  manufactured  in Foman Chemical are in accordance with international  standards  and   approved  by  domestic  factories.  Foman Chemical Company with  Caspian brand  names, Foman Chemical  in the field of automotive  products  has succeeded  in satisfying customers in consecutive years and this success is due to skilled and expert employees, use of advanced machinery, technical knowledge, up-to-date information and finally precise methods. It has been quality control. Foman Chemical Company offers  you a quality product with the highest technology of the day through reliable brand names.


  • Easy access to products and services
  • Attracting active representation throughout the country
  • Providing service and support to agencies
  • Logistics and sustainable supply chain

Product Suggestion

social responsibility

Construction of a school in Noorabad, Lorestan

After the flood of 2018 in Lorestan province, Foman Shimi decided to build a school in Noorabad city, considering the responsibility he felt in order to improve people’s lives. It is located on a land of 1500 meters in three floors and has 9 classes and a capacity of 500 students in two shifts.

Fuman Technical College

Construction of Foman Technical College under the supervision of Tehran University in Foman University

Nahavand Charity

Launching Nahavand charity in order to create a safe environment for the vulnerable families of this city

Recommended Fluids For Peugeot 206

Engine Oil: Brake Fluid: Gear Oil: Hydraulic Fluid: Make sure to check these specifications against your car’s manual or confirm with a dealer to ensure compatibility, especially if your Peugeot