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Tyre Shine Spray



By penetrating the rubber surface, this product removes all kinds of stains and mass and makes it shiny immediately. It protects the rubber from UV rays and cracking and with its antistatic properties prevents the absorption of dust to the surface.
This spray not only easily cleans and polishes car tires, but also protects the tire wall and rim from the sun and heat, and increases the life of the tire by using this product.
* Very high effectiveness
* Prevents the absorption of dust (antistatic properties)
* Protection against rubber cracking
* Increase tire life
* High protection against UV rays
* Easy to use
* Aromatic
* Shake well before consumption.
* Spray Tyre Shine on the desired rubber, ring and hubcap so that a thin layer covers their surface. For better performance, you can then wipe it with a tissue. Allow the infiltration and drying process to take 10 to 15 minutes to see the desired result.