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Glass Cleaner & Anti-fog Spray



This product shines the inside and outside glass surfaces in car with a special fragrance, anti-fog capability and high cleaning power. It can be difficult to clean the glass, but it will be much easier with the Caspian Glass Cleaner & Anti-fog spray. Due to its anti-fog properties, this product is suitable for car glass (inside and outside) or bathroom and toilet mirrors.
This spray is designed with an advanced formula to remove grease and stains and can clean the glass easier and faster. The anti-fog properties of this spray is suitable for car windows and increasing drivers’ field of vision on rainy and cold days.
* Super brightness and cleaning capability
* Applicable for car and home use (car, house window, bathroom mirror)
* Prevent the formation of steam on glass and mirrors
* Anti-fog on glass and mirrors
* Increase drivers’ field of vision on rainy, snowy and cold days
Easy and fast to use
To clean car windows, Spray on the glass surface directly and rub a clean cloth on it several times. To improve the anti-fog properties, after spraying on the glass surface, apply a non-absorbent cloth on the glass surface so that a thin layer remains on the glass to create anti-fog properties.