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Caspian, a familiar name in the automotive products industry with a heritage close to 40 years. Caspian, known for its comprehensive range of products, not only has a strong presence in Iran but also in neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and GCC, CIS countries.

Caspian is committed to relentless efforts to create and innovate special features in each product to enhance the longevity and well-being of your vehicle. Improving the performance and extending the lifespan of your vehicle is our top priority.

Our commitment to quality and innovation enables us to offer products that exceed expectations. Our products are pioneers in formulation and packaging to enhance performance and protect your vehicle health at its peak efficiency.

We are dedicated to empowering our customers and business partners and setting new standards in the automotive products industry.

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FoumanChimie history has began since 1964 with establishing the very first grease production line by the name of “Iran Grease” in Tehran. Later, with lots of endeavors FoumanChimie Company has established in Rasht industrial town witch is still in operation till now. During these years Foumanchimie has developed day by day and became one the main industrial group in Iran. with having more than 50 years of experiences in in production of high quality and variable products by utilizing export resources in order to meet the high demand and expectations of target markets. Nowadays FoumanChime is having more 1500 staff and production of 300 SKUs with the most creative and innovative ideas to respond to fast improvement of technology in the field.