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Engine Surface Cleaner Spray



Caspian Engine Surface Cleaner Spray is designed to clean car engines and other parts with heavy contaminants such as oil stains, grease, grime, dust that are difficult to access. With advanced formulation, this product can eliminate all types of grease and contaminants in a desirable way and without damaging the paint, plastic and rubber parts of the engine in the fastest possible time.
* Very high cleaning power
* Super effective cleanser
* No harmful compounds
* No damage to surfaces
* High cleaning speed
* Easy to use
* Aromatic
* Shake the bottle well before use
* For better performance, it is better if the car engine is a little warm
* Spray on the engine surface so that a thin layer of liquid covers the entire surface
Wipe the desired surface after 5 minutes * For very dirty surfaces, after the above steps, you can rinse with a little water and spray again and wipe.
* The spray performance is improved with warm water.