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Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray



Freshness inside the car, various fragrances, using anti-static materials to prevent the absorption of dust for a long time, preventing from cracking of the dashboard surface, increasing dashboard life, 225 ml with various fragrances (apple, peach, raspberry , Mango and the mountain), 300 ml with various fragrances (original, lavender, peach, lemon, the mountain, odorless).Caspian Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray cleans the surfaces inside your car with a special fragrance and is easy to use, and makes the space look like a new car. This product is designed and manufactured to remove dirt and stains from various types of surfaces inside the car, such as roofs, carpets, belts, and various types of plastic surfaces, and cleaning these parts.
* Easy to use
* Eliminates all kinds of pollution on variety of surfaces
* High cleaning capability
* No damage to surfaces
* Anti-allergy
* No stain after drying
* Car interior air freshener
* First, sweep the surface to remove loose contaminants.
* Spray the distance from 10 to 15 cm of surface.
* Spray on the desired surfaces in such a way that a thin layer covers that surface. Then let it penetrate and finally wipe with a clean cloth.