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Recommended Fluids For Peugeot 206

Engine Oil:

  • For the Peugeot 206, it is recommended to use engine oil with a viscosity of 5W-30 or 5W-40, depending on your specific model and engine type. Both types are suitable across various versions of the Peugeot 206, ensuring good performance in different temperatures and driving conditions​

Brake Fluid:

  • DOT 4 synthetic brake fluid is recommended for the hydraulic brake system of the Peugeot 206. This type of brake fluid is suited for the ABS system, providing reliable braking performance under various operating conditions​​.

Gear Oil:

  • For manual transmission, an EP75W80 gear oil is advisable. This type of oil is designed to accommodate the gearbox of the Peugeot 206, supporting smooth transmission function over a wide temperature range​ ​.

Hydraulic Fluid:

  • The recommended hydraulic fluid for the power steering system of a Peugeot 206 is a standard power steering fluid (PSF). This fluid helps ensure smooth steering performance and is checked and replaced based on the vehicle’s service intervals​ ​.

Make sure to check these specifications against your car’s manual or confirm with a dealer to ensure compatibility, especially if your Peugeot 206 has specific features or aftermarket modifications. Regular maintenance and using the correct fluids are key to keeping your vehicle running efficiently.

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